Monday, 4 August 2014

Our epic BBQ

We were ridiculously full after this BBQ, and for good reason because we ate like piggies. We found this recipe for halloumi and vegetable kebabs, and they were the most phenomenal bbq item I have ever tasted. It brought back memories of bbqs with my Dad: he used to do halloumi and I loved its salty taste and rubbery texture. We also did some simple lamb cutlets that we found cheap in Sainsbury's and Waitrose, and they were amazing just with a bit of salt and pepper on, then we finished it off with some sweetcorn. Dave also had one and a half sausages, I had less than a half because it was completely unnecessary. 

We've got another bbq planned for this week and I'm thoroughly looking forward to that. I think we're going to do some pork instead of lamb this time, and we're going to lose the sweetcorn because we were both having food babies by the end. 

Sorry if I made you hungry!

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