Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Mini haul and a mistake

I really held back today and only made one foolish purchase (it's usually many more).

NYC Nail polish in Raindrop and Greenwich Village
I have always been impressed by this formula. They were also super cheap, costing just £2.49 for both. I've been looking for a light blue like this and I think I was having a pink day. I've already tested them out and they are going to be staples for the rest of the summer. 

Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner
I said I would get this didn't I? Since buying it I have used it twice and I'm really happy with it. I love how I can use it for a thin line against the lashes as well as a thicker cat eye. Loving this and hoping it will last longer than the silly pens I've been trying out. 

Blake Jeans from Dorothy Perkins
Excuse the dodgy photos in my mirror but these jeans are amazing. They are super stretchy and fit like a glove. They are like jeans that you've worn in for years, except that I only just got them. They were also a steal at only £9. And they are their 'short' version. Yay!

Rimmel Lasting Perfection Lipstick in
So this was the mistake. There I was, looking for a nice, wearable lipstick, and I decided to buy this excessively bright and difficult to wear hot pink. I mean, it's pretty, but when am I going to wear it? So annoyed at myself!

Wilko Stippling Brush
Not much to say about these except for that they are super cheap, nice and soft and wash well. 

Wilko Eye Blending Brush

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