Friday, 25 July 2014

What I ate weekday

Yesss yessss I'm totally copying Anna Saccone Joly with her What I ate Wednesdays, but they are a great idea and I love reading about them and watching them - check out her channel here and her blog here.

But I'm not going to do them on Wednesdays because I sometimes have very naughty Wednesdays (like yesterday) because we sometimes go to the cinema. And of course at the cinema you need treats, and Dave and I managed to work our way through a packet of giant milky bar buttons and a bag of fruit pastilles. And I also had some fruit. Needless to say we did not need dinner when we returned, which was our plan.

Breakfast was delicious. I had one of my favourites: raspberries, blueberries and strawberries with Total Greek Yoghurt and Rowse Honey. As well as my fruit and yoghurt I made a jug of lemon water, which I keep in the fridge and refill all day. I graze on this water all day long and it keeps me very well hydrated and refreshed. 

Snack consisted of some fresh peas in their pods. I love watching House and de-podding these peas, eating them raw. Some of them are super sweet and juicy but some of them are a bit dry. I also had a small piece of baguette while Dave was having part of his lunch.

Lunch was tasty: 2 cracker breads with Philadelphia Light and pesto, followed by a Magnum White ice cream. Apologies for the photos...I was too hungry to take photos until I'd almost finished!

Snack was a quarter of a tomato that Dave didn't want. Then I accidentally spilt some tomato juice on the sofa. Shhhhhh!

Dinner was awesome. We had fajitas and they were delicious. In the fajitas we had peppers, onions, mushrooms, chicken and Old El Paso Fajita Smoky BBQ Spice Mix, then as accompaniments we had soured cream, cheese, salsa and salad. NOM. 

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