Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Besties - Nail Edition

I have a rather embarrassing collection of nail polish, most of which I don't tend to reach for. Here is a collection of the ones I love. Just a note that I don't rate longevity of nail polish as I'm a picker, so things never last more than a day and a half.

I start it all with this. This is described as a moisturising nail primer, and it really does create a super base for colour. I love the huge bottle and how it only adds a thin layer. Definitely prevents staining and yellowing from sun exposure.

Maybelline Color Show in Love Lillac
I love this pastel colour, it goes on well in 2 coats and the brush is slightly flat, making it easier to apply.

Accessorize in Emerald City 
Unfortunately my one has dried up a little, but it's a
fantastic, thick, glittery nail polish. It layers well over other colours and finishes well with a top coat.

Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine in Vert Chlorophylle
A great colour for spring in a formula that shines beautifully with a top coat. You can get away with a single layer, which I love.

NYC in Blue Sky
This is a gorgeous pastel that makes a tan really pop. It needs 2 coats because with just one it's a bit streaky, but it's so worth it.

Seventeen Quicker Slicker Colour in Navy Glint
Sit down everyone, I actually repurchased this nail polish. Yep that's right, I used up a whole bottle of this and absolutely needed a new one. I even paid full price for this beauty. It's creamy and has a subtle glitter, it's just brilliant. It dries quickly and it is my go to colour for a hardwearing manicure. Win win win!

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Watermelon 
Another winner here, this thick, opaque formula only needs a single layer, and dries quickly for an instant nail fix. I did my nails in just 5 minutes with this baby the other night before the cinema and it was flawless.

Accessorize in White Gold
This is almost a foil effect nail polish, it looks great in a couple of coats and is perfect with some bling. I just wish the glitter was a little bigger.

NYC in Battery Park Purple
A failsafe for an Autumn/Winter manicure, I love the formula as it is thick and hardwearing. For the price, this is really very lovely.

e.l.f. in Fire Coral
Definitely a hit with this one, the thick and creamy formula creates opaque colour in just one coat, but it does require a top coat to make it shine. It's slightly off-red, and as the name suggests it is a little coral-y.

Marks and Spencer Autograph in Kingfisher
My lovely Dad bought me this for Christmas and I wore it the whole way through the holiday. It's a beautiful rusty colour which goes on beautifully. It shines like nothing else with a good top coat, and it lasts through me trying to pick it off.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Disco Ball
I don't have a photo of this because I ran out of nails, but this is a really great top coat for a bit of glitter. It's my go to polish for some glitter, and it never lets me down.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat
Another polish I have repurchased because it is awesome. It dries everything super quick (as expected) but it doesn't shrink on your nails like the Seche Vite one (does anyone know what I'm on about here?). It gets a bit dry when you don't have one left but at only £5.99 it's easy to replace, and would last longer if I didn't paint my nails every other night. Makes everything lovely and glossy, I'll never need anything else!

Thumb: NYC in Battery Park Purple. Top to bottom: Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Watermelon, Maybelline Color Show in Love Lillac, Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine in Vert Chlorophylle, NYC in Blue Sky.
Thumb: e.l.f. in Fire Coral. Top to bottom: Seventeen Quicker Slicker Colour in Navy Glint, Accessorize in White Gold, Marks and Spencer Autograph in Kingfisher, Accessorize in Emerald City.
Sorry that some links are not available, some of this stuff is old and I bought it on cheap websites. Hope you enjoyed this! Thanks.

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