Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Guess who's back...back again...

Yes! I'm back. I have now finished my PGCE and I finally have the time to actually do something other than planning, marking and stressing. I've had a couple of weeks off, and I've also moved house. I now live in Swindon which, despite its poor reputation, is proving to be a good place to live. Everything is so close, buses are good and there is an ASDA on our doorstep. We go and play basketball in the evenings and spend nights lolling on the sofa watching Prison Break. We finished Prison Break last night though so we are at a bit of a loss. Any ideas?

But yes, I will try to do a bit more writing now. I am currently in the world of the unemployed and poor, but I did have an interview today for being a beauty consultant for Max Factor in the local Boots. I am confusing many people by the fact that I am a qualified teacher but I am going for something that pays £7.80 an hour. You can't buy time though, and the lower wage will hopefully come with more time for myself to pursue my other interests.

Well until I become employed my days will consist of the usual chores: unimaginable amounts of washing for a 2 person household, washing up, cooking and looking for jobs for hours on end. Hopefully I can now add blogging to this list, to perk myself and my day up. I have taken a couple of trips to town as well so I think I'll have to do a haul very soon (oops).

Until the next time. Thanks for reading my thoughts, lovelies. 

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