Monday, 28 July 2014

Food Haul

I am so nosy and I love seeing what people buy whether it's clothes, make up or food. Enjoy!

We've got four main meals planned this week and they are all on the delicious side. We didn't just go to ASDA this time, we hit Sainsbury's as well, because we needed balsamic and a few other bits.

We're having a BBQ tonight, with lamb chops, halloumi skewers with peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms and sweetcorn. Dave also insisted on buying 2 chipolata sausages which are completely unnecessary but I'll probably leave them to him.

Dave was desperate to do a creamy pea and bacon pasta, and I wanted to do a fresh, raw sauce with pasta using tomatoes and basil, so we're doing both of them. Then for a real treat we're going to do a paella, although we couldn't get a good seafood mix so we're just having tiny prawns as well as the chicken and chorizo. I'm excited for the week!

Blueberries - Raspberries - Lemons - Mushrooms - Sweetcorn - Peppers - Chillis - Cherry tomatoes - Courgette - Tomatoes

Philadelphia - Chorizo - Bacon - Creme Fraiche - Milk - Halloumi - Cheddar cheese - Chipolata sausages

Barbecues - Skewers - Chai tea - Alpro Hazelnut milk - White pitta breads - Frozen prawns - Balsamic vinegar - Paella rice - Coco Pops - Innocent Apple juice
All of this had a total price tag of around £50.

Hope you've liked this post, let me know if you want to see more of them. Thanks for reading. 

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