Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Best eats in Bath

Apart from chez moi, there are some cracking eateries in and around Bath, many of which are not overpriced and disappointing if you go at the right time. Here are three of our faves.

Las Iguanas

I frequented this with so many different people that I'm sure the staff thought I was polyamorous. I freaking love the food here. For a start, go at lunch time. Don't bother with the evenings unless you're trying to impress - the lunch menu is cheap and the cocktails are always on 2 for 1 it seems. I absolutely always go for the Chicken Tinga Gringas, as it's light, delicious and completely different. It's also cheap as chips. I know that the rest of the menu is delightful because of all the things Dave and my other guests have tried. The burger is meaty, the half chicken is phenomenal (I ordered this on a hungry day and must have looked like a beast - it's huge) and the lamb meatballs are something else. As for sides, I cannot sing the praises of the sweet potato fries enough. They are to die for. When I was in the mood for carbs I just had a meal of sweet potato fries and refried beans. I was a happy girl. Service is brilliant, especially Helen (who looks like my friend Charlotte), and the drinks are lush. Have a look at the menu here.

The Real Italian Pizza Company

Another favourite, this little gem accepts all vouchers for any pizza restaurant in Bath. And yes, that means you can use your Orange Wednesday 2 for 1 voucher for Pizza Express. Not only are the staff very authentically Italian, but the portions are huge and they have a big fire thing inside so you can watch your pizza being made from scratch by a gorgeous Italian hulk in white. It's definitely worth a visit - they even spin the bases if there's a pretty lady they're trying to impress. As for the food, I can safely say that all the pizzas we have tried (many many) are phenomenal, and the one salad I have gone for in the past few months (the mozzarella with parma ham) is the best salad I have ever had. The mozzarella is fresh and tangy - I would go here just for the mozzarella to be honest. When I'm rich I'm going to get a buffalo and employ an expert to make me mozzarella like this. Anyway. Yes, food is amazing, service is lovely, it has the capability of being super cheap, and it's next to the cutest little ice cream shop, owned by the same people. Perfect date material. Drinks are expensive but to be expected. Book here

The Cross Keys

This little pub is out of town but easily accessible by car, and there is parking in the streets around. Basically my love for this place stems from the fact that their specials are 2 for 1 between 6 and 7 every day. And the specials, for the most part, are damned good. I have enjoyed a couple of burgers, a cauliflower cheese and an amazing curry at this place, but I warn you to stay away from the fish if you are hungry (unless it's battered and served with chips) - it's on the small side and I've been disappointed both times I've had it. The food is fresh and homemade and the pub is a lovely family run place. They even offer a free coffee if you fill out the evaluation card. The puddings are to die for if you have room - I recommend anything chocolate related although when we went with our friends they had something apple-y and it looked delicious. And as it's a pub, the drinks are a good price and there's a lot of choice. A winner for sure, especially if you don't want to pay for Bath's ridiculous parking. Have a look here.

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