Sunday, 18 May 2014

This time I'm really going to write some things...

But let me tell you what life is like for me first.
I am a PGCE student who is almost at the end of her course (and tether), so in about 5 weeks time I will be a qualified teacher!
I'm 21 and I live in the beautiful city of Bath. Today is a sunny day and I always feel like I'm on holiday on days like these. We have a balcony and we've sat out for breakfast and dinner today. Who needs to go away to have a holiday? I live with my boyfriend and our hamster Nigel, as well as a lot of junk we don't use and lots of food in our cupboards. Prison Break is on TV right now but I'm not watching it because I'm writing this (and because it's a bit gruesome - a man's toe got chopped off in the last episode).
I used to work at Boots and it was bad news for my wallet: every pay day was another excuse to buy the latest beauty product, so I now have quite a plethora of stuff that I don't really use. It did, however, make me very interested in the world of beauty and lifestyle, and just over a year ago I started reading and watching missbudgetbeauty on YouTube. My interests grew, and I started watching FleurdeForce, Miss Glamorazi, Zoella and Karisa Pukas. I am now following over 50 YouTubers and I read too many blogs to keep track of. It's a community that has grown rapidly and now I feel that I want to become a part of it. 

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